I can’t believe that school has started already. I just didn’t have enough holidays yet!

August 10th, 2009, I had to wake up at 6 a.m. to prepare for my “first” day at ICS. I took a quick shower, changed into my uniforms and turned on the TV hoping there is a typhoon or something so that I don’t have to go to school. (Oh by the way, best wishes to all the Taiwanese involved in the recent typhoon, hope you guys are okay.)

Uniforms? Yes, you read that right. We DO have uniforms, and luckily it’s only a polo and a khaki short, nothing THAT rediculous:

ICS Uniforms

But it turns out, there were no typhoons. Sighing, I left home at around 6:36 (I was actually planning to leave at 7, but my mom rushed me out of the house at 6:36). Then I went to a bakery downstairs to get some bread:


I got a “Cheese + Sausage Bun” or something like that. And for your information, it is much better than Mai Zi Shou Le at SMIC.


My school, located at the Sha Tin area (B), is quite far from where I live (A), Aberdeen, near Ocean Park. Google Maps estimate about a 25km trip. But I mean, since I am using public transport, it is much longer than that.


Here’s how I am going to the school: taking the 107 bus, then changed into MTR trains East Rail Line at Hong Hum, heading for Tai Wai, change at Ma On Shan Line, and finally get off at Shek Mun stop.


Really, I am amazed at how many people are there already at 6:40. Wow.

DSC06830 DSC06832 DSC06834

Okay. enough pictures. Time to tell what really happened at ICS. (Sorry, didn’t take pictures)

So I arrived at ICS at around 7:50 (and the orientation actually starts on 8:15), sat in the secondary school office for like 30 minutes. Met some friends too, like Isaac, a new senior who is also interested in filming. It finally started after a while of waiting. Mr. Buckner, director of Admissions and Student Services (I think that’s how he called himself) , opened up with a short speech and prayer, then handed the floor to Mr. Chan, Dean of Students. He introduced the “buddies” of ours. Honestly, I originally thought this idea was such a lame and overdone idea that is always boring and never works out. However, by talking to my “buddies” more, Tim Au being one of them, I did indeed find out a lot about the school and begin to think “you know, buddies might not be that bad”.

We then were given a tour of the school, looking at everything from the art studio, to the computer lab, chapel, then to the auditorium/theatre. To sum up the experience: everything is way better than SMIC’s.

In the computer lab, we get to login to our school organization website “eClass” – something that I wanted to setup for SMIC a LONG time ago. Sam, Stephany’s friend in Pleasanton, apparently didn’t receive anything – including logon credentials, student ID, schedule, etc. etc.

After then, we all had some really nice pizzas. I ate about 6 of ‘em. Yum. Played some dodge ball and basketball afterwards, and got kind of well with other students. During then, I went up to the Dean of Students to get my schedule set. It was more than complicated.

I wanted to do PreCalc, Physics, Advanced Composition (English), Micro + Macro Econ, Graphics Design, and of course, AP Comp Sci. However, when we sort out the schedule, in seems that the blocks I demanded are either full or unavailable to me. At last, I had to join honors American + British Literature (the “most demanding course with the most demanding teacher”, according to the Dean of Students) instead of Advanced Composition, and PE instead of Graphics Design (I am still trying to get Graphics Design, nevertheless). Oh and by the way, I am forced into “Choir”. Do NOT laugh.


School starts 7:40 on Monday, Thursday (“Advisory”, or homeroom, times) and Wednesday (Chapel time), and 8:50 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Ends at 3:15, but there are designated club times. In every way, ICS is much more organized than SMIC.

TO sum up, here are 5 great things about ICS:

  • 5. Long + little classes (5 periods at approx. 1 hour each per day)
  • 4. Awesome lunch
  • 3. Can sleep in on Tuesday and Friday
  • 2. Great organization with eClass and stuff
  • 1. Awesome people! (Need I say more?)