I wrote this entry purely for my Advanced Composition class. So, yup, enjoy.

Macau was always awesome for me. There are three reasons: Food, FOOD, and FOOD. To celebrate (lamely) the new year, we decided to go to Macau for a day and eat.

My parents decided it was too expensive to travel by ship (when it’s only like what, $200?), so we drove from Shenzhen to Zhuhai, parked the car there and walked to Macau.

One of the ports between Macau and Zhuhai

Our first stop was at the town hall area where we stopped for some wonton noodles for a “warm-up”. Since it is during the New Year holidays period, it is filled with people.

Town HallTown Hall with people

Oh and look, a bottle of coke!


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I personally find buildings in Macau attractive. They have this kind of antique style, but yet they aren’t necssarily… old, whereas the buildings in Hong Kong can go only two ways: very new (IFC), or very old (Kennedy Town). (Well, I guess that is still pretty good compared to Shanghai, which although contains a lot of new buildings, but poorly managed that eventually turn into old ones very soon)

Anyway, so, onto my trip in Macau. After finishing “warm up”, we saw a famous bakery nearby and decided to look for some Macau specialties to bring back. All the prices were at least increased 10% because of the holiday season, but the things they sell tasted so good that we couldn’t resisit buying.

"Pastelaria Choi Heong Yuen"

When our wonton noodles got digested a little bit while shopping at the bakery, we started eating again. We walked to a mini-restaurant thing that sells some really good sharks’ fin. Like, real ones. When we got there, we shockingly found a line of at least 50 people waiting to buy a bowl of it (cost ranging from $50 to $200)

But things aren’t necessarily all perfect in Macau. We walked across a ghetto ice-cream cart and apparently there were a lot of people “buying” ice-cream. It cost $12 for a cone, and it’s a tiny one, mind you. I excitedly took out money and bought one. I chose the mango flavor, and it looks nice. Anxiously, I put the ice-cream in my mouth and this feeling I got from this lovely icecream…. is… kind of different… and special… in a bad way. Turns out, it is nothing more than a simple $3 McDonalds ice-ceram, but it charged 4 times more! I am starting to guess all those people there before were friends of him “advertising” how “good” the ice-cream is. Sigh, just can’t believe how a smart person like me can get tricked like this.

What kind of a trip to Macau will it be if we don’t visit the Ruins of St. Pauls (Ruinas of Sao Paulo)? I mean, EVERYBODY visits the Ruins everytime they go to Macau, regardless of how many times they’ve been there already. Following this “tradition”, our family then started to walk to the Ruins. We took a picture, ate some more Macauese snacks, and left to explore some more places.

Ruins of St. PaulMy family

After then, we just aimlessly roamed around that area. We booked a really nice restaurant for dinner, and we are all anxiously waiting for it. To prepare for the nice dinner, we all stopped eating so that we have enough stomach space for later. It was called something like a Tomato House, and they make some really good Macuese-Portugese food. The price is much cheaper than Hong Kong’s restaurants (abour $40/person) but the quality is even better. I LOVE MACAU…’s FOOD!

We all walked out of the restaurant with the stomach completely food.. I mean, full, and decided to walk a little bit before going back to Zhuhai. Then, we walked by the Casino Lisboa, and because we are underaged, we didn’t go in the casinoes. But man, not only the outside of the building looks awesome, but the inside too!

Casino LisboaInside of Casino Lisboa

And… that pretty much concludes our trip in Macau. It was indeed short, but nevertheless very fun (thanks to the food). You see why I love Macau now?