WARNING: This thing I am going to talk about, is very depressing.

Our team, in response to ThinkQuest’s request, made a short video about our reflection on the competition to be played on the Awards Dinner, where a lot of Oracle executives and a ton of media will be there. The request happened in the first few weeks of July. My friends in Singapore spent two days filming everything, and indeed I was very grateful for them. I finished editing the whole video in about 2 weeks. After submitting the video, they asked us to shorten it and to make some adjustments. The video was almost ready, and I sent a low quality video for them to double check if there is anything to be changed.

The email that I used to communicate with the staff in charge, peter@axieblast.com, was for some reason down in the week of Sep 21 to October 3 (or something like that). Coincidentally, during that two weeks is when the staff replied with instructions how to upload the high-quality video onto a FTP server. And yes, I totally missed that.

I actually didn’t know about it until this Wednesday, 7th Oct, when she sent me an email saying that she is very sorry that our video cannot be shown on the Awards Dinner. I was at school when I saw the email, and I immediately (and I mean, immediately, in fact, it only took 7 minutes) sent back a reply asking if there is anything I could do. I was very desperate, and I suddenly feel like I am an idiot.

But of course, I knew it wasn’t possible.

And then, that night, I could not sleep at all but keep on thinking how I could never apologize enough to the other guys and I would owe them for life. Why am I such an idiot? Why didn’t I cc the email to my friend so that if anything happens, the staff can send him an email as well? I have never been so angry with myself before, I mean, it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance! How in the world could I have possibly miss it?

May I just use this post here to say “sorry” to my teammates in the LEAD Portal team – you guys spent a lot of effort and you certainly don’t deserve something like this. I am terribly sorry. I hope that through this mistake – I’ll learn how to be careful and not to rush through everything next time. 

On the brighter side – if you would like to see the video, I’ll upload it after the TQ Live event.