First, let me welcome you to the amazing app of ICS Tribes. Through this app, you can communicate with your friends and schoolmates much easier than ever.

Registering is extremely simple, just fill out your advisory and your tribe roll, and then click on Submit. I mean, how hard can THAT be?

Now, If you are the first one to register in your tribe, you’ll be prompted to create a page for your tribe. In that case, you’ll need a little bit more instructions.

1. Click on this link, you’ll be led to a Facebook page where you can create a Facebook Page. (Wait, did that make sense?)

2. Fill out the info as follows:

NOTICE: The name of Page has to be in this format: ICS*space**tribe*. If you do not name your page that way, the app won’t be able to recognize you. So, if your tribe is 9G2, enter ICS 9G2.

3. Click “Create Page”

4. You can mess with the Page’s settings later, but right now, let me get the app to recognize you first. Go to this page IN A NEW WINDOW:, DO NOT close the Page you just created yet.

5. Click on “Add to My Page”

6. Choose the page you just created

7. Go back to the Page, and click on “Edit Page”

8. Scroll down until you find ICS Tribes, click on “Edit”

9. Enter in your Tribe name. Click submit.

10. Go back to your page, and click on “+” on the tabs.

11. Choose ICS from the list, and… you’re done!

11. LAST STEP. Invite all your other friends to use the ICS Tribes. When they’re done, invite all of them to be admins of the Page so that they can publish things on the Page’s wall. More wall stories = more points = more prizes!

Happy ICS-Tribes-App-ing!