Because the ICS Tribal App is designed for ICS students only, there are several security measures taken to make sure that only ICS students/faculty join. We wouldn’t want to ask you for a personal email and stuff, so the best way for us to check is through Facebook’s built in network system. Which means, you’ll need to be in the International Christian School network to access to the App.

Click here to join in the App

There is a network setup on Facebook, but not very well known – only 81 people are on it. The rest are either in their previous school (I see a lot of AIS), Hong Kong, or are having trouble to join any networks. Follow this tutorial, and I’ll get you into the app shortly.

If you are not in the network, you’ll most likely see a message like this when you access to the app:

Some people might be able to resolve the issue through Network Settings in Facebook without any hassle, but others find it troublesome to change network. In that case, you’ll need to double-check the following settings:

Are you in any colleges/high schools currently?

  1. Click on “Profile” on top right corner
  2. Under “Education and Work”, click on “Edit”
  3. Remove your colleges records
  4. Update your highschool record to be “International Christian School (Kowloon City, Hong Kong)”, and set the year to be the year you’re graduating.  (For 09-10 school year, Seniors = 2010, Juniors = 2011, Sophomores = 2012, Freshmen = 2013)
  5. Save your settings

Check your Birthday

This is quite important, as somebody over 18 obviously can’t be in a high school network. If you don’t have it set, or set as something over 18 years old, you’ll need to contact Facebook to change it for you. Or, if you really are over 18 and are still in this school, you’ll need to contact Facebook as well.

Join the Network again

After the steps above are done, try to edit your network settings again. You should be able to see International Christian School in the Edit Network Settings screen.

If you don’t see it, please contact Peter Zhang at