In the camp, we were separated into small groups, and after every message we’ll have some time to discuss about the talk. During one of the discussion times, we played a little icebreaker game to “get to know each other”, I guess?

The game was somewhat like Telephone, but instead of talking, we draw the message out. The first person will start a general topic, pass on and the second person will have to draw it out. Then, the third person, without knowing what the first person has wrote, needs to guess what the second person has drawn, then write what he think it is out. Fourth person will draw it again based on the previous person’s response, and so forth.

So, I started the game with the topic “Tom Cruise” (partly because I just watched Knight and Day, partly because I wanted to see what Tom Cruise would look like in drawings 😛 ), and passed it to the next person with a warning that my topic is going to be hard to draw.

The second person laughed out loud when he saw what I wrote, then got stuck there for a while not knowing what to draw. After a while, he must have suddenly remembered the movie and drew this out:

The third person stared at the drawing and had no idea what it was talking for a while. But after some struggle, he figured out too (with giggles, teehee)

Now I don’t know what happened here for the fourth person. But it turned out something like this:

The fifth person of course couldn’t figure out it was Tom Cruise, and it seemed most logical for her to write this down (ask her why):

So the last person took the liberty and drew this out based on the above:

So, in a sense, Tom Cruise and I must share some common traits or something. Maybe we’re both just too good looking that people get confused easily. 🙂