I realized writing this post might generate an opposite effect than what I was hoping for, but I mean, since this is my blog and all, I might just let myself out. I mean, come on, this is the only time in the year where I can be selfish. 😛

My birthday is coming up in exactly 10 days of postage (Aug 15). I’m excited. Looking back at my birthday last year (which was my sweet sixteen) and how I didn’t get anything at all, I plan to get at least myself (or… hint hint) to buy myself a birthday present. So here it goes.

For neatness reasons, I’m going to order this list from the highest priced to the lowest.

iPad 16G Wi-Fi – $3888

…need I say more? This is pretty much all I’m missing as a geek, I’d say. Just imagine it sitting at my desk, and as I’m working, I can occasionally use it to check Facebook and what not without opening a browser window. Whoa! And if my mom decides to steal my computer to check her email, I can just pass her the iPad (or better yet, let her use the computer and I’ll play some Harbor Monster… life is good.)

As for Gill… don’t worry, I’ll still love you. 🙂

iPod Touch 4G – ~$1500?

This one is still undecided, and I’ll most probably get only one of iPad or the iPod Touch 4G. If iPod Touch 4G comes out as a no-phone version of iPhone 4, then I will most likely get it and ditch iPad. But we’ll see how things go. I’ve been living with my Classic for 3 years now, and it’s time to find a new… companion(?).

Oh. how about this. if you chip in, I’ll engrave your name on it too 🙂

Columbia Mobex Campus – US$99

I fell in love with this bag the moment I looked at it. So lightweight, stylish and I mean, just look at the inside, it is SO SO SO cool. You guys all know for ages I’ve been having a messenger bag and got myself a slouching back because of it… this can help me get my posture back 😛

Domain “ptz.hk” – ~$600

Peetahzee.com is long. I don’t want people to type in 13 letters every time they want to visit my site (it’s like, who would anyway, right?) or send me an email or add me on msn. The only short domain rendition of “peetahzee” that I could find is probably just this: ptz.hk, but .hk domains are crazy expensive as well. 🙁

Okay. Now to some more practical presents

Okay. I’m not THAT bad of a person, so I am of course not hoping for people actually buying me an iPad.. that said, feel free to chip in when I actually decide to buy it myself 😛

What I would really want for birthday:

In-ear earphones – ~$200

Yeah… my earphones are dead. I’m particularly looking at the really cool Sony Piiq ones – Awesome colors and awesome concept of  the earphones “hooking” onto the device. Sadly, they’re only available in US, I’ve yet to find a place that sells them in HK.

iPod Classic Case – ~$100?

My case JUST died (and that’s why I’m editing this). Like, it broke, literally – not that I don’t like it anymore or anything, but literally unusable. I know this kind of contradicts the iPod Touch wish, but, meh.

A pair of Crocs – ~$200

Jonny, I’m counting on you. Canaan too? 😛

Pencil case – ?

You guys all know my famous Harry Potter pencil case that I have been using for like 5 years? Yeah well, I think it’s time to switch one. lol.

A case for Gill – ~$300?

I am not exactly happy with my Macbook case… I’m looking at Speck SeeThru’s or possibly some others as well. But idk. A keyboard cover can also work too. 😛

Or… just some kind of food.