It’s uncannily funny that it’s always these tech products release that I find most inspiring.

Facebook just launched its new “Timeline” profile interface, which was advertised to let you “tell your life story”. Under that giant shiny tagline was a promotional video, made exactly like, well, a timeline, of somebody. The video started at a “story” of how a kid was born, then goes up (mimicking “scrolling up” on a web browser), witnessing the glorious moments of life: making his first steps, going to his first singing contest, graduating from high school, meeting his girlfriend, getting married, having a kid of his own born; and finally ended in a “cover picture” of him and his daughter.

I was excited to activate such feature to my profile, only to realize things were more difficult, way more, than it looked like to have an organized profile like that. When it comes to memories, every single bit becomes important. If I could, I wanted to make every single darn story “featured” on my timeline, and make every single photo I could possibly find up on my cover photo. So that I could always look back in reminiscence and remember every single moment, and to live through them again.

But if only I could do it once. Just once more. So I scrolled down to the very bottom, and started scrolling up, and find “favorite memories” to “star”.

A baby was born at Aug 1993. Oh what joy to the world. And then another one, named Rebecca Huh, was born just 2 years after that. Which sounds like a long time, but in reality, (and on the timeline), it was merely this long apart -> ”                          “. Is life humorous, or what.

Fast forward several years to 2007 when I first got my Facebook account. And one of my first activities on Facebook are with my SMIC Movie Industry Club. The club was first established September 2007, and I have had so much fun in that club since then. From organizing the fundraising event with bags and bags of tortilla chips to filming the 2008 recruitment video. It changed me. I will probably never be interested in movies had not for this. Heh, what about that “If I Speak” that we never finished? Yet, which of these things are “starrable”? And which are more important than the others? None. (And would you look at my face back then, urgh, fat.)

And soon enough, with some struggles, I moved to ICS in Summer 2009. The year kind of actually started with the award at ThinkQuest. A million of pictures were taken over the event. Which one should I put as the featured one? There was no time for me to decide; soon enough, I was already making an app for ICS, filming a popular MV (:P), building a spaghetti bridge, making any other app, winning a logo contest, doing a skit for refugees in Hong Kong, going to my first prom, and starting to work. How can I dare say any of these things are any less significant? Yet, I just couldn’t star every one of them.

I blinked. And all of a sudden I’m in my senior year already. Heh, those days when people were mega crazy into GodFinger for a few days, and CLASS PICTURE!, getting world 5th on Tilt to Live HD, Phuket trip with family, [mango.sticky.rice<3], yet another app, performing with an Orchestra and an extremely talented cast, digging that septic tank, going to my second Prom, and then I graduated. It was just that fast. It’s kinda silly now that I looked back, wondering why I was stupid enough to wish senior year to fly through while thinking all those upperclassman were talking trash when they say “cherish your senior year”. I want to remember each and one of these memories, but my brain has only that much capacity.

And what about those tiny details that didn’t make it on Facebook but meant just as much to me? Every single worship practice and jamming and hang out I had with Ignite gang, reunion with the Indo peeps, crazy transportation adventures with Dawn, food hunting with Michelle and Janice, drooling at food on the dinner table in Auntie Ruth’s house. That dinner with Byeong and twins, that peak + Central adventure with Bel, that movie deal that never worked out with Michelle, or that surprise party with Ade. I dare say, they meant just as much, if not (actually, now that I think about it, it’s definitely) more, as those “big events” on Facebook.

How about those that are simply indescribable? That love that came from family, that tight friendship we share between close friends, that care from church and teachers. And most importantly, the experiences and changes that He led me through. How I wish I can just pinpoint these on my timeline. But no, these things are everlasting, and quite frankly, impossible to put in words; yet these are the things that I can hold dearest to. I chose a picture of my Ignite gang supporting Auntie Ruth’s concert as my cover picture in the end; no, not because it was the most important memory of my life or anything, but because it reminds me of so many of these things that I couldn’t have otherwise been through.

In the end, every single bit of these memories made me who I am today. And I’m extremely thankful.