Some day not too long ago, I just arrived in LA and was enjoying my very first meal in LA from Carls Jr. It was a box of 10 chicken strips, and for the me that had just came out of the 3-hour U.S. Customs line at LAX, it was delicious. I was still like a little boy arriving at a new city, awed by almost everything I saw.

Four months later, I am back at the same hotel room. Funny how things worked out, actually. I came with such enthusiasm, and such hope for the new live I’m going to have. But all of them seemed to have died off already.

“The Golden Age Fallacy”: the idea of how we often think about “those good ol’ times…”, when in reality they were not that good as we remembered. Aren’t our minds interesting, that we only remember things that are “good”? But even so, I’d like to refuse to think that they’re all just an illusion. I miss home a little too much, perhaps.