“Here’s my algorithm. I check the page three times in an interval, and if I still giggle after the third time, then I’ll buy that shirt.” Laura, one of the engineers on the AdWords Front End team, was describing how she makes decisions on whether to buy a shirt on shirt.woot.com at the dinner table. My first reaction: wow, how much nerdier can everyday actions get?

“Did you have that algorithm tested?” Laughter follows.

Each day just seems to be filled with surprises like this, reminding me that I’m not the only one nerding out. It’s hilarious and somehow, weird, in a really enjoyable kind of way.

And not just that, we all have the weirdest obsessions. Laura and Luisa, my host, are insanely addicted to Triple Town. They’d send me a gift every a couple hours or so, inevitably dragging me into the game. (I swear it’s not my fault.)

Jeremy, another engineer here, is obsessed with a board game called Set. Laura brought it up during a picnic off-site just last week. The objective of the game was to  find a set of 3 cards matching or completely dismatching a set of attributes – pattern, color, number of shapes and texture. Laura and Jeremy went crazy on it. While us interns were still trying to learn the game, slowly trying to pick up the pace of the others, they’d be able to call out sets only moments after new cards are drawn. Heck, Jeremy even wrote his own web app allowing players to play this www.megareel.com game online – he was telling us about it while bragging out how he knows random facts like “there are on average 2.7 sets in any 12 cards.”

All this happened with a conversation about how we can use Cobalt-60 to clean off sausages so that we can grill them in space for hotdogs. And how we are going to answer the Homeland Security’s questions when they find out what we’re trying to do: “But… but… but… all I wanted to do is to clean my sausage!”

And all of them, of course, love Star Wars. When they found out that I, along with 3 other interns, have never seen any of the Star Wars movie, they almost fainted. I think they’re now planning a Star Wars night, fully utilizing Google’s giant screens everywhere. Oh that’s going to be fun.