An AMARG is a boneyard facility for all excess military and government aircraft. An aircraft boneyard or aircraft graveyard is a storage area for aircraft that are retired from service. But I always love seeing the rows of 747's (still the sexiest commercial plane flying) from I-10 as you drive between Phoenix and Tucson. Airplane Boneyard: Gila River Memorial Airport It's been a long time since an airplane has flown in or out of Gila River Memorial Airport. From a Thriving Military Base to an Aircraft Boneyard: Phoenix Goodyear Airport’s Storied History. Scenes from Arizona during coronavirus. The Boneyard In Arizona Is The Resting Place For More Than 4,000 Abandoned Airplanes. Grocery stores empty out. As Air Force, Navy and Marine planes become obsolete and need to be disposed of, or saved for future return to service, they are stored in the largest airplane boneyard in the world, in the Arizona desert. The history of the place is pretty impressive too. It’s not often that you’ll see a Corsair Boeing 747-300, China Southern Boeing 777-200, US Airways Boeing 757 and a Southwest Airlines 737-700 hanging out with the German Air Force and perspective KLM and Lufthansa pilots at a small general aviation airport. The storage facility is operated by the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group AMARG at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. Through a special Support Agreement, the Pima Air & Space Museum is the exclusive operator of the “Boneyard” Tour aka the 309TH Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) Facility on the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Spanning more than 2,000 acres on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, it is the largest “airplane graveyard… Planes, jets, helicopters, and space shuttles belonging to the Air … Built to support the Pacific front in World War II, it now serves as an airplane graveyard. 1951 Beachcraft C35 Bonanza Ruddervator R/H 35-660040-606 $2,000.00 $2,500.00; 1979 Cessna TR182 RG S/N: P12801283 Left Side Cowling $600.00 $800.00; 1974 Piper PA28R-200 Arrow II S/N 28R-7435095 Lower Cowling W/ Nose Gear Doors The Museum is a public non-profit 501(c)3 organization that conducts this tour on behalf of the U.S. Air Force base. ... Across Phoenix, hotels that had been sold out … The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), commonly referred to as “The Boneyard,” is the final resting place of more than 4,000 military airplanes and helicopters. Aircraft boneyard goodyear airport gyr phoenix aircraft boneyard phoenix goodyear old airplanes find new life in tucson s aircraft boneyards of the western usaAbout The 309th Amarg Facility Military Boneyard At Davis Monthan Afb In Tucson ArizonaAirplane Boneyards In Arizona Including Davis Monthan Afb Amarg Pinal Air Park Phoenix Goodyear And Kingman Airport Photographs Maps […] An airplane graveyard fills up. The Boneyard is located on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is just outside of Tucson, Arizona. It’s guaranteed to interest anyone! The Boneyard in Arizona is a cool storage spot for military aircraft that has a creepy vibe.

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