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One week in Google: “our lives are good!”

My roommates and I came back home today to find our apartment completely clean. The bi-weekly maids had our beds made, dirty dishes washed, tables and desks completely organized, with fresh towels on bathroom rack. After half an hour of Super Smash Bros on GameCube and two scoops of cookies and cream ice-cream, Dhruv exclaims, “Man, our lives are so good!”

Last Sunday. 2 in the morning. After a 20 hour journey, I’ve returned to Norcal, a place where I seem to be more familiar than any other in the States. This time, however, for a purpose not even close to any other visits before. To put it in cliche (cause there just doesn’t seem to be any other way), I’m stepping in an unfamiliar chapter of life. Some might even say, I’m finally an adult! (Though, others would argue, Peter can never be one.)

Hello, Google!


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Well… I guess this is the best they can do in a terminal with no restaurants.

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They just HAD to put me on the last flight out of YVR hmm. Empty airport FTW.