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A Photo Essay – “The Chase”

Yeah, I admit. I haven’t been posting recently. But here you go, a Photo Essay done in the Media Production class. Basically, what happened was, the teacher gave us the title “The Chase”, and told us to plan 10 photos with different framing techniques, then take photos of them. And since it’s a Photo Essay, I am not going to say anymore. 😛

Okay. I lied. For those of you who are still reading, comment what you think the story is and the first one who gets it correct gets a prize.

Phew. The Blog is Back.

Sorry for downtime of the blog for the past week. I actually didn’t notice it until Thursday. So what happened?

I was on an extremely cheap host. I got a deal for US$50/yr on WebHostingPad for a hosting plan that has unlimited space and bandwidth earlier last year. Turns out, not only are their services super bad (once I wrote an essay on how I want a feature to be enabled, and it is not a super ridiculous request either. It’s like standard on all servers. But then, all they replied was “Sorry, there is a security problem involved.”), server quality not as good as they had promised, and most of all, they charge people without consent.

There were absolutely no hint of when the hosting will expire in the admin panel, and you know, why would you remember what time exactly you purchased a product last year? One day morning, when my mom reads her credit card statement, she shocking finds a US$88 bill from the company. We were both shocked. Not only did they charge without my consent, the price was also way off from what they promoted on the website (US$66).

I quickly sent them an email regarding what’s happening. They said it’s the company’s regular procedure to renew users’ accounts automatically to avoid data loss. I can only cancel within the first seven days of the payment with handling charges of US$25. BS. What happened to the 30-day-money-back-guarantee? You could have sent an email saying your account is going to expire one month earlier so that we can make backups – that’d have been much more useful. In addition, they say they’ll return the difference if I ask for it. So what, customers will need to pay more if they don’t ask?

I told my mom what happened, and my mom got SO angry. She called the bank up and asked them to cancel the transaction. At the same time, I started backing up the site in case they decided that I was too annoying. I finished the files backup, was almost going to backup the database… but then something distracted me away, and I didn’t complete the backup. I thought I had, but I realized I don’t have anything when they finally suspended my account Monday. I guess it must be the bank doing something.

While I was panicking, not knowing what to do, Jonathan, a friend of mine, found my site in Google Cache! (Basically Google stores pages’ data into its local servers so that they can access it quickly) Thanks to Google Cache, I was able to grab all the posts back. However, Google was so freggin fast when it comes to caching my blog (not others, such as TechCube), so that by the time I was going to restore all the comments, Google Cache deleted those old cached pages already.

So, the moral of the story: WHEN YOU CHOOSE A HOST, CHOOSE A RELIABLE ONE. NEVER CHOOSE WEBHOSTINGPAD or anything that SOUNDS like a good deal.

Why do I have to write about a trip I went last year?

I wrote this entry purely for my Advanced Composition class. So, yup, enjoy.

Macau was always awesome for me. There are three reasons: Food, FOOD, and FOOD. To celebrate (lamely) the new year, we decided to go to Macau for a day and eat.

My parents decided it was too expensive to travel by ship (when it’s only like what, $200?), so we drove from Shenzhen to Zhuhai, parked the car there and walked to Macau.

One of the ports between Macau and Zhuhai

Our first stop was at the town hall area where we stopped for some wonton noodles for a “warm-up”. Since it is during the New Year holidays period, it is filled with people.

Town HallTown Hall with people

Oh and look, a bottle of coke!


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I personally find buildings in Macau attractive. They have this kind of antique style, but yet they aren’t necssarily… old, whereas the buildings in Hong Kong can go only two ways: very new (IFC), or very old (Kennedy Town). (Well, I guess that is still pretty good compared to Shanghai, which although contains a lot of new buildings, but poorly managed that eventually turn into old ones very soon)

Anyway, so, onto my trip in Macau. After finishing “warm up”, we saw a famous bakery nearby and decided to look for some Macau specialties to bring back. All the prices were at least increased 10% because of the holiday season, but the things they sell tasted so good that we couldn’t resisit buying.

"Pastelaria Choi Heong Yuen"

When our wonton noodles got digested a little bit while shopping at the bakery, we started eating again. We walked to a mini-restaurant thing that sells some really good sharks’ fin. Like, real ones. When we got there, we shockingly found a line of at least 50 people waiting to buy a bowl of it (cost ranging from $50 to $200)

But things aren’t necessarily all perfect in Macau. We walked across a ghetto ice-cream cart and apparently there were a lot of people “buying” ice-cream. It cost $12 for a cone, and it’s a tiny one, mind you. I excitedly took out money and bought one. I chose the mango flavor, and it looks nice. Anxiously, I put the ice-cream in my mouth and this feeling I got from this lovely icecream…. is… kind of different… and special… in a bad way. Turns out, it is nothing more than a simple $3 McDonalds ice-ceram, but it charged 4 times more! I am starting to guess all those people there before were friends of him “advertising” how “good” the ice-cream is. Sigh, just can’t believe how a smart person like me can get tricked like this.

What kind of a trip to Macau will it be if we don’t visit the Ruins of St. Pauls (Ruinas of Sao Paulo)? I mean, EVERYBODY visits the Ruins everytime they go to Macau, regardless of how many times they’ve been there already. Following this “tradition”, our family then started to walk to the Ruins. We took a picture, ate some more Macauese snacks, and left to explore some more places.

Ruins of St. PaulMy family

After then, we just aimlessly roamed around that area. We booked a really nice restaurant for dinner, and we are all anxiously waiting for it. To prepare for the nice dinner, we all stopped eating so that we have enough stomach space for later. It was called something like a Tomato House, and they make some really good Macuese-Portugese food. The price is much cheaper than Hong Kong’s restaurants (abour $40/person) but the quality is even better. I LOVE MACAU…’s FOOD!

We all walked out of the restaurant with the stomach completely food.. I mean, full, and decided to walk a little bit before going back to Zhuhai. Then, we walked by the Casino Lisboa, and because we are underaged, we didn’t go in the casinoes. But man, not only the outside of the building looks awesome, but the inside too!

Casino LisboaInside of Casino Lisboa

And… that pretty much concludes our trip in Macau. It was indeed short, but nevertheless very fun (thanks to the food). You see why I love Macau now?

Summing up the first few days in ICS

School started too early. Way to early. As in both the date and time. I had only about one and a half of a month of holidays, and man, I basically did nothing except for taking an SAT course! I didn’t even get the sleep back yet! Since school started, I have to wake up 5:50am on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Fridays too to get to class on time; 7am on Tuesdays (no Chapel/Advisory or Homeroom).

The first impression I had of ICS are the nice people around, be it teachers or students – at least, they remember my name! Like I pointed out in the last post, things are not only organized here, but also very neat and well-planned out. I really like the class environment here – funny, relaxed, but I can still learn things.

Luckily, I got well with some of the students here and joined the programming club. Somehow, they called me a “pro”, and wanted me to teach the rest about HTML/CSS/Websites design. Seriously…. what just happened?


So, I mentioned that I signed up for honors Amer. / Brit. Lit. for my English course. After the introductory 20-minutes lesson, I find out that I am in the wrong class. Mrs. Stephen, the teacher of the course, is a nice lady, who reminded me that “other students have read 5 books in the summer and each wrote about 10 pages notes on each of them. You might want to start them now since we’ll have 6 other books to cover in this semester. Mmm, how about this, you won’t have to write notes, just read those books and come and talk to me about them.” Although the list of books she required included some books that we read in SMIC, like Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, etc., still, that means I’ll have to read 11 books in a short 4 months! Even more scarier, is that they are covering two entire books of “Literature” (the same book we use at SMIC) in one year! WOW.

But what can I do? That is like the only English course available in F block. The course I wanted to take, Advanced Composition, is available in G block, which I have Chinese during then. Then, after taking the introductory lesson, I made my decision: If I can drop Chinese, I will do everything to do so. The class is like the most boring class I have ever taken in my life.  (Or perhaps I am used to the relaxed style of Ms. Ma’s?)

So in the next day, I got a drop/add form, and started gathering signatures. Mrs. Stephen, the English teacher, signed right off the bat without even having to ask me for reasons. Wow, okay. Then, I went to my Chinese teacher,  but the reaction was the complete opposite. I asked her really politely, but she responded, “You won’t have the credits transferred from your old school! “ WHAT? HOW CAN IT NOT TRANSFER OVER? “Yeah, we had a senior that had to take both French and Chinese courses just so he can get 2 Language credits to graduate.” THAT CAN’T BE POSSIBLE! “Fine (it sounded like “You don’t believe me?”), go to the Dean and ask him.”

So I went to the Dean, and asked him about the credits. “They should transfer. Go talk to Ms. Farley the counselor.”

Fine. I had to then go to the counseling office to find Ms. Farley. I was originally asking her for suggestions for what to do, but she actually did the whole add/drop for me. Yes, without my Chinese teacher’s approval! Wow, that’s got to be the best day of my life – I don’t think I would want to go up to her and ask her to sign my form.

Let’s talk about my courses… in the order of my schedule.

Block A – Bible 11

Nothing special, I guess. Surprisingly, the class wasn’t just about memorizing Bible verses and all that, it is quite fun actually. I think. Our first project is “Search for God’s Hand in my life”. I have to give a presentation about… well, you can probably guess from the name of the project and write something for the teacher. Fun fun fun!

Block B – P.E.

I seriously don’t know why I signed up for P.E.. Again, nothing is special. We actually voted on the sports we want to play and we ended up with Volleyball, Bowling, Badminton and (argh, I forgot! I guess that’s a sport that doesn’t interest me). Yeah, you read that right, Bowling is in the list.

Block C – PreCalculus

Keywords: “I miss Ms. Han”

My teacher, Mr. Ward is a cool guy, but perhaps I am too used to Ms. Han’s style. For probably every new thing he teachers, he has a story to accompany it. Don’t get me wrong though, it is awesome, but the class moves a little too slow.

For example, today, we learned composition of function. You know f(g(h(x))) stuff. For Ms. Han, it probably takes an hour; for Mr. Ward, it took the whole class period – that is, 72 minutes. He even used graphs on computers to demonstrate! We would have to discuss with neighbors about the answer of f(g(x)) when x = 3, g(x) = x-1 and f(x) = 1/2x+2. And that took about 10 minutes. Man, I wish there is an honors class.

Oh speaking of honors, there isn’t a separate class, but we can get honors status if we finishes all questions in the test, teach a 72 minutes section and do a project for each unit.

But overall speaking, Pre-Calc here is still fun. I guess, not as stressed as Ms. Han’s.

Block D – Physics

Our first project in Physics is to design anything that can tell us how long 2 minutes is. I, along with two other people, designed a “sandglass” that didn’t work. On the day of testing, today, we simply didn’t follow the sandglass at all, but counted to 2 minutes ourselves, and it turned out we only missed it by 2 seconds! Wow, people here are awesome.

Block E – MicroEcon

This is probably my favorite class so far. The teacher taught this History course in a way that I don’t think it is about History at all. He uses really good examples and yet sticks to the right amount. (Again, I am not saying anything.) I am starting to see that Econ is not about money like I thought it was, at all, but a completely new subject… which I  now enjoy!

Block F – Intro Media Production

I chose this class after dropping honors Lit., and I think I made a good choice. The class takes place in the studio of the school, with like 7 of 24’’ Macs, really professional equipments and all. In the class, we learn about film and other media. In the one class that I was in yesterday, we learned about different type of angles and camera shots. While I feel I personally understand the concept already, as I look closer, I did realize I can learn so much about film that I can’t learn without a proper teacher.

Just why isn’t there such course in SMIC? This would be such a beneficial class to MVC and its members!

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the projects we have to do. We have to survive without internet for at most 4 days to experiment how important “Media” is in our lives. I haven’t planned when to do it yet… but I tell you, if it’s not for this project, I won’t even imagine how I can do this.

Block G – Advanced Composition

All I can say is, wow. This is an English class, but perhaps the most fun one of all classes (along with MicroEcon, I guess). The teacher, Ms. Manchester, is an Asian that speaks with slight British accent. She has stories along with probably every sentence she makes. For example, a simple attendance roll could take 10 minutes because she “made fun” with all the names. Hahaha…

Block H (the last block) – AP Comp Sci

You would think this is the easiest class for me, but actually not. My teacher looked through my transcript and found no prerequisite courses taken in SMIC. I had to prove to him that I am not a total noob in this area by taking a test on next Thursday. He gave me a 800 page book about Java and told me that I will be given a final from last year. Wow, good luck to me!

While I have to prepare for that test, I have a test coming on right tomorrow for the basics of computers. Good luck to me!

Block P – Choir

I guess most of you are most interested in learning what happened during Choir class. Nothing has happened so far, and I think I am going to take a test tomorrow regarding which voice I am. I chose to be Tenor, but I don’t fully know that I will sing Tenor yet until tomorrow.

I am kinda nervous.


Lots of stuff are still coming regarding my experience in ICS. So far nothing much has happened, but I will tell you guys when something has.

Anything you guys are deeply interested about?

Happy Birthday to Myself!

Just in case anybody plans to forget it, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! And yup, it’s the sweet sixteen for me. Feel free to buy me a present!

Orientation @ ICS

I can’t believe that school has started already. I just didn’t have enough holidays yet!

August 10th, 2009, I had to wake up at 6 a.m. to prepare for my “first” day at ICS. I took a quick shower, changed into my uniforms and turned on the TV hoping there is a typhoon or something so that I don’t have to go to school. (Oh by the way, best wishes to all the Taiwanese involved in the recent typhoon, hope you guys are okay.)

Uniforms? Yes, you read that right. We DO have uniforms, and luckily it’s only a polo and a khaki short, nothing THAT rediculous:

ICS Uniforms

But it turns out, there were no typhoons. Sighing, I left home at around 6:36 (I was actually planning to leave at 7, but my mom rushed me out of the house at 6:36). Then I went to a bakery downstairs to get some bread:


I got a “Cheese + Sausage Bun” or something like that. And for your information, it is much better than Mai Zi Shou Le at SMIC.


My school, located at the Sha Tin area (B), is quite far from where I live (A), Aberdeen, near Ocean Park. Google Maps estimate about a 25km trip. But I mean, since I am using public transport, it is much longer than that.


Here’s how I am going to the school: taking the 107 bus, then changed into MTR trains East Rail Line at Hong Hum, heading for Tai Wai, change at Ma On Shan Line, and finally get off at Shek Mun stop.


Really, I am amazed at how many people are there already at 6:40. Wow.

DSC06830 DSC06832 DSC06834

Okay. enough pictures. Time to tell what really happened at ICS. (Sorry, didn’t take pictures)

So I arrived at ICS at around 7:50 (and the orientation actually starts on 8:15), sat in the secondary school office for like 30 minutes. Met some friends too, like Isaac, a new senior who is also interested in filming. It finally started after a while of waiting. Mr. Buckner, director of Admissions and Student Services (I think that’s how he called himself) , opened up with a short speech and prayer, then handed the floor to Mr. Chan, Dean of Students. He introduced the “buddies” of ours. Honestly, I originally thought this idea was such a lame and overdone idea that is always boring and never works out. However, by talking to my “buddies” more, Tim Au being one of them, I did indeed find out a lot about the school and begin to think “you know, buddies might not be that bad”.

We then were given a tour of the school, looking at everything from the art studio, to the computer lab, chapel, then to the auditorium/theatre. To sum up the experience: everything is way better than SMIC’s.

In the computer lab, we get to login to our school organization website “eClass” – something that I wanted to setup for SMIC a LONG time ago. Sam, Stephany’s friend in Pleasanton, apparently didn’t receive anything – including logon credentials, student ID, schedule, etc. etc.

After then, we all had some really nice pizzas. I ate about 6 of ‘em. Yum. Played some dodge ball and basketball afterwards, and got kind of well with other students. During then, I went up to the Dean of Students to get my schedule set. It was more than complicated.

I wanted to do PreCalc, Physics, Advanced Composition (English), Micro + Macro Econ, Graphics Design, and of course, AP Comp Sci. However, when we sort out the schedule, in seems that the blocks I demanded are either full or unavailable to me. At last, I had to join honors American + British Literature (the “most demanding course with the most demanding teacher”, according to the Dean of Students) instead of Advanced Composition, and PE instead of Graphics Design (I am still trying to get Graphics Design, nevertheless). Oh and by the way, I am forced into “Choir”. Do NOT laugh.


School starts 7:40 on Monday, Thursday (“Advisory”, or homeroom, times) and Wednesday (Chapel time), and 8:50 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Ends at 3:15, but there are designated club times. In every way, ICS is much more organized than SMIC.

TO sum up, here are 5 great things about ICS:

  • 5. Long + little classes (5 periods at approx. 1 hour each per day)
  • 4. Awesome lunch
  • 3. Can sleep in on Tuesday and Friday
  • 2. Great organization with eClass and stuff
  • 1. Awesome people! (Need I say more?)

Hello x2!


We are moving in a week, and everything is in mess here. My sister’s computer has therefore been disassembled, and I took the monitor away to setup a sweet dual monitor configuration here for my desktop. Man, it’s just so cool! It especially showed its usefulness when I edit. I am able to split my windows that way and use more space, creating a much more efficient workflow Sadly, I only have around a week to enjoy this sweetness… meh, monitors are cheap nowadays, perhaps I should just get one sometime…

Oh by the way, it is a cheesecake in front of the left monitor. In fact, it is a homemade one. (shock!) Yummm…..

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