PeterWhat’s up? My name is Peter Zhang, a 20 years old USC Trojan studying Computer Science and Business Administration.

I was born in Hong Kong, but spent quite some time growing up in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Unashamed foodie – especially seafood, and I love Coke Zero. And if you can’t tell already, my favorite color is blue. The picture of me on the right is taken when I was 14, in Shanghai.

I am a ex-Square and ex-Google developer and a tech enthusiast. Having worked on many side projects and participated in many hackathons, I am very excited to explore for opportunities for me to impact lives around me through technology. I’m also a proud Glasshole, and I believe that it is pioneering an incredible innovation drive in the industry.

I used to hold the #1 record on Angry Birds in Hong Kong, for about a month, in 2010.